Hiraeth (pronounced Hir-eye-eth) is a Welsh word with no direct English translation. It is a longing for a home that is lost to us, or perhaps never was. A grief for the lost places of our past. In these times of deep change, the meaning of hiraeth calls to our essential connection to the land and our place within it.


This anthology of poetry, story and artwork gives flashes of form to this elusive concept. Featuring works from contributors all around the world, Hiraeth is an intimate and evocative array of works, suffused with dream, myth and memory.


List of Contributors:


Deborah Harvey
Mark Goodwin
Harry Martin
Laurence Davies
Pratibha Castle
Nicky Stone
Isik Yellowstar
Alberto Quero
Beth Copeland
Lynn White
Craig Sasa
Caroline Ridgway
Martyn Crucefix
Adriana Ciontea
John Lambremont
E.E. Rhodes
Sapphire Hay
CJ Knight
Christian Garduno
Dr. Sneha Rooh
Hannah Durham
Max King
Ishrath Humairah
Lauren Davila
Laurinda Lind
Elly Winters


Edited by Ceda Parkinson. Front Cover design by Ceda Parkinson. Endpapers designed by Kyanna Cleave. Printed on Mohawk Ultrawhite Eggshell, 148 x 210mm.